I left the conference early

I am partly writing this because it is a way of communicating to most people that I left the conference I was at early. Rather than sending a bunch of messages to those wondering where I was, this seemed like as easy a way to reach a good number of people as any. So, if you’re looking for me today, he is not here, he has… not risen, just left the conference early.

I should say, it wasn’t a fit of pique. I didn’t have some falling out with anyone. I wasn’t deeply offended by something that went on. Everyone was very nice and nobody upset me. But I still left the conference early.

I left because I wasn’t well. I spent most of Tuesday, first in Blackpool’s excellent walk-in centre, and latterly in their very hospitable hospital. I was busy having blood tests and x-rays and other such things. I was released from the hospital, told I was all clear and nothing to worry about. That was a relief. But I still felt pretty rank. It seemed more sensible to be home with people around rather than holed up in a hotel room on my own, So I left the conference early.

I did try going back into the conference. But I felt a bit unwell and uncomfortable still. So it seemed best to just head home. So I left the conference early.

I am grateful to those who could see something wasn’t right in the morning and asked if I was okay. I am particularly grateful to those who came with me to doctors and hospitals. I am grateful to those who prayed. I am grateful to the doctors. I am grateful that I was able to get home. But that is why I left early.


    1. Thanks Robin. Feeling much better today.

      Main thing was they ruled out any physical heart problems yesterday, which was the immediate cause of alarm.

      I have my suspicions what the problems were and the coming together of various things. Which, whilst not pleasant, weren’t so serious.

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