Snippets from the interweb (17th September 2023)

Is pastoral work uniquely difficult?

‘It is probably best to give my answer to that question at the outset, and then proceed to think through some ramifications from it in the rest of the piece below. So here goes:
Q. Is pastoral work uniquely difficult?
A: No, yes, and it’s complicated.’

Do I really need to be a member of a church?

I think you know, but Thom Rainer offers five reasons why the answer is yes.

A friend on the trail of tears: how a Baptist missionary became a Cherokee

I saw this and immediately sent it to my friend who used to be a pastor in Tahlequah. It is an encouraging read of a Welsh missionary who ended up reaching Cherokee people.

Medhurst Pastors’ Retreat

I was also at the retreat. We also sent some of our women – who are currently training with Medhurst – to the women’s retreat and trust they will be similarly blessed by it.

In praise of the tiny church

‘There is little personal glory in standing before twelve people week in and week out, preaching God’s truth with sincerity and compassion. But when God moves in that little place, no one will be able to say that it was all of the money or the gigantic buildings or the amazing resources that made it happen. In the tiny places, when God works He shines the brightest.’

Public pulpit prayers

This is a helpful one on how we can best offer public prayer in our churches.

From the archive: Just say something

‘Sometimes evangelism is as simple as saying something, anything, and then simply telling people why you engaged them at all.’