Snippets from the interweb (6th August 2023)

What it feels like

Here is one man’s experience of depression. It might just help you.

One of the weirdest articles I’ve ever written

This one is a caution about word studies. I hear, far too often, people stand in pulpits and do exactly the kind of thing described here. The safest way to avoid falling into the trap described is just not to use Greek or Hebrew in the pulpit at all, especially when you don’t really know what you’re talking about!

Two Kinds of Sermons that Seem Expositional But Really Aren’t

This is an old one from 9 Marks, but it is very helpful. What is expository preaching and why do we frequently end up with sermons that seem expositional but actually aren’t?

The secret meaning of YHWH

Spoiler alert: there isn’t one. But this post has much more to say about “secret codes” and unlocking “true meaning” and some helpful pointers on handling the Word sensibly.

Membership at Metropolitan Tabernacle

Ever wondered what Charles Spurgeon’s process for appointing members was? This one takes a look at it and draws some lessons for processes today. As it happens, Oldham Bethel Church has an almost identical process.

The problem with Jonah & Israel

This one outlines the story, and key point, of the book of Jonah.

From the archive: Dealing with awkward customers

‘We’ve all had them. Those awkward, tricky customers who turn up to your church. They seem to like being around Christians, or at least want to be around them for some reason, but they prove to be fairly disruptive to your meetings. Maybe conversation is continually dominated by them, they keep bringing things back to their particular hobby horse, or maybe they are seriously disruptive rather than just being a bit awkward. I’m not talking about unbelievers who come and, periodically (even frequently), ask questions. I don’t mean those people who are either genuinely searching, or taking tentative steps of enquiry, and the questions they ask are real ones. I am talking about people who want to dominate all that goes on, who suck time and attention continually to themselves, who ask questions – not because they’re really seeking – but because they want people to look at them. What do we do with this sort of person?’