Snippets from the interweb (30th April 2023)

5 things I learned as a pastors kid

This was a really helpful one, particularly for those of us in ministry with children.

Should we use the words “Old Testament”?

Is this what we should call them or is there a better term we could use?

The marriage of doctrinal issues and doctrinal bases

I am minded to agree with Rich. I am not convinced the place for statements on ethical matters is our doctrinal basis. We absolutely should preach with conviction on these matters, and I think ethical statements for churches and organisations that are distinct from doctrinal bases are prudent, but I am not convinced the doctrinal basis is the place for them. Not least, we will be changing our doctrinal basis quite a lot to reflect whatever ethical issues vexes society next decade, and the one after that, and the one after that until the parousia. We’ll be expecting a lot of churches to do a lot of work with their constitutions to reflect these changes too, and I suspect few will thank us for it.

Themelios 48.1

The latest edition of the online journal is available for those who are into it. The christological arguments for compatibilism warrants a look from those interested in the interplay between divine sovereignty and human responsibility.

Autism in the church – A parent’s perspective

My friend, Sophie Killingley, has written about autism in the church as the mother of two autistic teenagers. We have a number of autistic children in our church. All the people with autism in church are very different indeed!

The most radical thing I do

This one is about right.

From the archive: What does committing to the local church mean?

‘Most people recognise that joining a local church means committing to it in some way. But what does it mean in practice to commit to the local church? Here are some key things.’