Snippets from the interweb (23rd April 2023)

In praise of the boring, uncool church

‘Instead of the cool church full of people who look like models, find the most faithful church full of people who are growing to look like Jesus. Instead of the church where everyone shares the same tastes in style and music, find the church where everyone shares a passion for Jesus, his Word, and pursuing holiness.’

Does my sexual past disqualify me from pastoring?

John Piper gives an answer here.

How to know if it’s time to leave pastoral ministry

It’s always difficult to know when, or if, it is right to leave pastoral ministry. This one offers some practical suggestions to figure out whether it is time to go or right to stay.

George Verwer (1938-2023)

I heard George Verwer speak as a young teenager at a rally of a mission organisation in London as a young teenager. Everything in this lovely obituary rings true. I’m not sure I much like the term “mission mobiliser” but I’m can’t think of a better one for this particular man.

Is my friend on the slippery slope?

That friend, it turns out, is me! Unless you think any training of women is a lurch to egalitarianism, there really wasn’t anything in my original post that would lead you to conclude I am sliding away from complementarianism any time soon. Happily, my friend agrees.

Four signs your church is not healthy

I think these four things are about right.

From the archive: 10 arguments for infant baptism I find unconvincing – a reply to David Robertson

‘David Robertson recently published a post on his blog outlining 10 reasons why he baptised his baby granddaughter. These are the same reasons he baptised his own children… He isn’t trying to get into an argument with anybody but wants us (I assume particularly Baptists) to understand his position… I thought it would be interesting and helpful to explain why, from my Baptist point of view, his ten reasons do not convince me of the position he advocates.’