Why we prefer a Light Party

Tonight is our annual Light Party. I say annual, but it is the first one we have been able to do for about three years. So, it all feels a bit new again in its own way.

Rather than restate what I have said before in different words, I thought I would re-post this article from 2019 – when we last held our Light Party – on why we prefer this to avoiding the whole thing altogether or joining in lock step with those who jump into Halloween.

My only caveat I’ll add to what is written here, I am not suggesting if you don’t do what we do you are doing anything wrong. This is very much a before your own master you stand or fall kind of issue. My only hope is that, whatever you do, you actually think about and seek to do whatever you are doing to the glory of God. Obviously, the view we have come to is the one we think best achieves that for us in our community.

Click the link at the bottom of the quoted part below to read the full post.

I am not one of those that thinks you are on the verge of joining the Satanists if you happen to go out in a costume and ask for some sweets. But I am one of those who doesn’t do that and won’t be sending my kids out to do it either. Notwithstanding the dozens of other articles on this that you can go and read, here are a few reasons we favour a light party over other options.

Why we prefer a Light Party – Building Jerusalem