Snippets from the interweb (9th October 2022)

Christian nationalism cannot save the world

I co-sign this one: ‘Despite their self-perceived opposition to the social gospel of old, Christian nationalists embrace the exact same view of the gospel. For the social-gospel-oriented left wing, Christianity exists to build a social order in step with the upward progress of humanity. For the Christian nationalist right wing, Christianity exists to build a social order in step with national or ethnic identity. The gospel is a means for a forward-looking utopianism in the one case and a backward-looking nostalgia in the other. Christian nationalism is a liberation theology for white people. And that’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ.’

Should you marry two unbelievers? (video)

I see no reason not to marry two believers. I see no reason not to marry two unbelievers. I can see lots of biblical reasons why we shouldn’t marry a believer and unbeliever together but agree with this exception to that general rule. Give Hershael York a listen on this.

The day of atonement: how yom kippur points to salvation in Christ

‘The Day of Atonement is both symbolic and anticipatory of the work of Christ, upon whom forgiveness ultimately rests. The efficacy of the Old Testament sacrificial system rested on the promise of Christ’s future act.’

Four questions about the love of God to ask a Jehovah’s Witness

I appreciated this one. Practical and helpful advice on how to winsomely engage JWs.

The dust will settle – before the next round

Steve McAlpine continues to speak into an issue going on in Australia, but that has wider – and troublingly familiar – contours to much of what we see in almost every Western liberal state towards Christianity.

How to encourage your pastor

Here are 10 ways you can encourage your pastor.

From the archive: Don’t let it say nothing to me about my life

‘There are all sorts of things you can do to help improve your preaching that you can learn from far better preachers than me. But I think if we all just committed to making the passage clear and applying it pointedly we might see a marked improvement in a lot of our preaching.’