Snippets from the interweb (7th August 2022)

Evangelical catholicity and how to foster it

‘What we need is a better evangelical catholicity: an understanding of our partnership with churches everywhere. If we did a better job here, Christian social media might even look better. How can we better foster an evangelical catholicity? As a Baptist preacher who cannot help himself, let me offer several “C’s” for a path forward.’

Adiaphora in the First Helvetic Confession

This one looks at the First Helvetic Confession and looks at how it deals with the question of adiaphora (indifferent things).

Take time to be unproductive

Important questions to take serious: ‘What if God doesn’t expect us to be productive every moment? What if growing comfortable with slowness, with quiet, with not filling every moment can help reconnect us to God, others, and even with our own humanity? That’s at least worth thinking about.’

Releasing women for ministry

Some helpful and practical insights on how we can help women to serve fully in the life of the church.

Some thoughts on why pastors have no one to talk to

This is a bit of a sad one. But I think there is lots of truth in it. Perhaps one to help us understand the needs of our pastor better.


This is a short reflection on how the prophets, Apostles and – after them – Christians in general are witnesses, but in a variety of different ways.

From the archive: The problem of comfort in the church

‘If we have made comfort our functional god, then Christ is not our functional saviour. We are worshipping an idol of comfort. If we are saying to ourselves – no matter how we dress it up – that our comfort is more important to us than Christ’s command to go into all the world and preach the gospel, do we not need to ask serious questions about our standing in Christ?’