Snippets from the interweb (6th February 2022)

Pronouns for God

‘One of my regular complaints is that Western theologians behave as though they are the ones who determine what is and what is not correct for the rest of the world. This is a perfect example of that tendency.’

Sacramental Baptists? You’d be surprised

Michael Haykin is always worth a read. Here he is on the history of the Particular Baptists so far as sacramentalism is concerned.

What is dispensationalism?

Leaving aside that I think the tree being referred to here is Christ himself, thus those grafted in as well as those ‘natural branches’ are all those who had faith in God’s messiah, I think this is a helpful explainer on they key foundations of dispensational theology.

Who got it wrong? Was there one or two demoniacs delivered?

Fair question with a reasonable answer.

Why don’t churches contact people when they leave?

This one explores the many and varied reasons why this happens.

Jesus was not pharisaical to the pharisees

Helpful reminder here.

From the archive: Four ways to encourage people into church membership

‘It is not at all uncommon for churches to wonder why people in regular attendance do not want to become members. All too often folk are happy to exist on the fringes of the church and see no real reason to join. The reason for this is simple enough: the church does not have a meaningful membership structure. One can exist on the fringes without any real discernible difference between their standing and that of the church membership. If this is a concern to you, here are a few suggestions that might help you to rectify the situation.’