Snippets from the interweb (28th November 2021)

Engaging our children’s world

‘We need to work hard at helping our children not just hear God’s words and commands but in teaching them why they are good. Showing them the community building concern that lies at the heart of them, how God was really showing his people the good life. We need to work hard to draw out what they are learning elsewhere and the assumptions they then make when they hear God’s word about his character and his wisdom and we need to counter it, ask questions of it. In fact its a great chance to ask ‘why?’ To expose the sandy foundations so many of the world’s ideas are built on or the Christian foundation that lies buried deeper than most are prepared to go.’

14 surprising facts about pastors

‘By definition, a pastor is one who “shepherds his flock.” You know this means he preaches, officiates weddings and probably has meetings in his office to explain some theological question; but what is the role of pastor really like? There are some common facts about pastors you might be unaware of.’

Why you should join an imperfect church

Jonathan Leeman makes his elevator pitch.

Where are the labourers for Scotland’s schemes?

Having been working in a deprived community in the North of England for the last 8 years, we could copy and paste this one for similar contexts here: ‘Show me the Scottish (or British!) lads willing to count the cost of moving in and giving their lives to this work and we will train, equip, and send them out—to the glory of God. But I think many Christians in the church in Scotland are in the same place I was. We see the need, we long for it to be done, and then we pray “there they are, send them”.’

When God’s provision isn’t what we expected

‘The bread of Jesus is the bread of offense. There is no way around it. If you follow him, if you receive him, if you love him, if you die his death and live his life, then you too will be offensive.’

Take this first simple step before you respond

It is certainly simple and, in a world where we frequently talk past each other, this is sensible.

From the archive: Everyone may be a theologian, but not everyone knows theology

‘You may, of course, reject the Biblical texts. You may give reasons why you find it historically inaccurate or the teaching it offers untrue. But what you can’t do is pretend it says what it evidently doesn’t. Nor do you have the right to offer simplistic and ignorant theological statements – denied by the overwhelming number of adherents to that religion and text – merely because it doesn’t fit your predetermined views.’