Launch event: The pastor with a thorn in his side

As you will no doubt have picked up if you are a regular reader or you happen to follow me on twitter, or you happen to follow one of the other 6 contributors on twitter or one of their blogs, we have a book coming out on ministry and depression. In fact, it is landing this week. For the princely sum of £7.99, you can pre-order a book described by John Benton as, ‘pastors who suffer from depression’ and Helen Thorne says, ‘stories are told’. Mark Meynell references ‘magic wands and infuriating “Christian” platitudes’ in relation to it and, at the end of his comment notes after these things and presumably having finished it, ‘depression rears its ugly head’. These are verbatim quotes you can check out for yourself at Reviews – The Pastor With A Thorn In His Side.

But why take these comments as read when you can attend our launch event on 5th May and hear from some of the contributors themselves. Meet the men behind the chapters and find out whether they too really have a clue. As Mark Meynell also said, the book is ‘precisely what you would hope from a collection of pastors’ and you can speak to us in person and find out if we really are as disappointing as that. You can sign up to be part of that event at EVENT – The Pastor With A Thorn In His Side.

The event will follow a fairly simple format. I will emcee. Three of the lads will speak about their experience and how depression has affected them in their ministry roles. Whilst they are speaking, you can use the zoom chat function to privately message me with any questions you have for any of the contributors (or for me if you are desperate for my inevitably profound insights). Then, when our time is done, I will point you to where you can buy our book and then throw you all out of the zoom call. And that will essentially be your hour, or a bit more if there are loads of questions which I am not really anticipating (and, even if there are, most of the answers will probably be, ‘you’ll have to buy the book to find out!’)

Anyway, I hope to see you there. Saves it being me, the boys and all our mums (who all already know our story, so don’t need to be there or buy the book!)