The Pastor with a thorn in his Side: Stories of Ministering with depression and what the church can do to help

I have previously blogged about a new book coming out on pastoring a church with depression. You can read my previous post about it here. You can also hear me talking a bit about it here on the Building Jerusalem podcast.

I said there was a microsite that would soon be live. It is now here. You can find out much more about this book at

If you go to that site you can find all sorts of exciting things. There is a short video telling you what is inside the book. A number of contributors explain why we have written it, who it is for, how it will help you and the sort of thing you can expect.

You can also see what other people have said about the book. Thus far, Mark Meynell – author of When Darkness Seems my Closest Friend has recommended it. That review is available. John Benton, Director for Pastoral Support at The Pastor’s Academy, has also recommended it. His comments aren’t live yet, but they are printed in the book and will go up on the site in due course. There may be other recommendations to look at from all sorts of interesting people who you may or may not prefer saying other things about it. I imagine only the nice reviews will make it online, but I suggest checking back frequently in case one that hated it manages to slip the net and go live.

You can read the press release about the book and even visit our partner website and pre-order yourself some copies. If you are suffering with depression yourself – whether in ministry or otherwise – this may be a helpful book for you. If you know anyone suffering with depression, you may want to get it to understand how you may best help them. You might even buy two copies, one for yourself and one for the person who is struggling. You may just want to grab a copy to prepare yourself for if and when you do need to care for someone with depression.

As if that isn’t enough, you can sign up to join the launch event for the book at the beginning of May. It will be held on zoom, so you don’t even have to leave your living room to go, and you will be able to hear a few of the authors speak about their experiences and some of what is in their chapter. There will be a time for Q&A as well, where you can ask whatever you want to pastors who are in ministry but have also struggled with their mental health.

That all sounds fun, doesn’t it? So, go check it out. As ever, we’ll go on less about it if you all buy a copy.