Snippets from the interweb (22nd November 2020)

Best defence of Reformed Paedobaptist Covenant Theology

Stephen Wellum offers a review of what he calls the best defence of Reformed Paedobaptist (for which read, Presbyterian) Covenant Theology. He offers some helpful points of agreement and disagreement with his own Progressive Covenantal position. But it is helpful to have a ‘best’ position to engage with.

A mistake Christians make regarding the LGBTQ+ movement

Carl Trueman explains how, for many, we are not discussing the legitimacy of behaviour but we are really talking about matters of core identity and what constitutes us as human beings. It is the underlying reality that we have to get to grips with if we are going to have meaningful, helpful conversations on this issue.

Every parent is a Sunday School teacher now

We have experienced the same. We want to equip parents to disciple their children at home. COVID-19 has is now testing the theory.

But when will I be a man, sir?

The key point in this one lies here I think: ‘We are all so prone to confuse our principles with our own cultural expressions. Being a man in America means I don’t hold another man’s hand, whereas I might be expected to in Melanesia or Central Asia. Manliness is often communicated in the West as a rough, unkempt sort of look, whereas Central Asian manly men are into immaculate grooming, poetry, flowers, and drinking tea from small dainty glass cups… Why the differences? Are they all equally valid or unequally skewed? Too often the biblical manhood camp in the West (of which I’m a part) has confused biblical manhood with things that are just frontier manhood.

How to criticise your pastor (well)

Despite what we often feel about it, pastors do need constructive criticism. We should be wary of those who won’t brook any criticism at all. But if we are going to criticise, we need to make sure we do it well. This article helps us both give and receive criticism.

Packer and Ryle team up to ask: Do you read your Bible as you ought?

Justin Taylor quotes from Packer, who in turn, quotes Ryle to help us answer this one.

From the archive: All churches need work; not all churches need the same work

‘What sort of church are you building? Is yours a doer-upper, a well-maintained home or a new-build? All of them require work – some perhaps more than others – but not one of them allows us to do nothing.’