Snippets from the interweb (10th May 2020)

When should churches reject governmental guidelines on gathering and engage in civil disobedience?

The short answer is, not now and not for this. But Jonathan Leeman offers a slightly more full answer.

Why people in your church don’t evangelize – And one really important thing to do about it

I’m sure we’d all love our people to be about the work of evangelism. We all, also, recognise that they aren’t always doing that work. Here are some reasons why not and one thing that we could all do more of to help fix it.

The killing of Ahmaud Arbery and the justice of God

Russell Moore picks up on a story that seems to be rocking America and speaks to some of the underlying issues as well as the key one of justice.

How does COVID-19 expose the lie of the Prosperity Gospel?

Conrad Mbewe answers.

The gospel is for us

‘The gospel isn’t my work—thanks be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!—but the gospel is mine. As the Reformer Martin Luther says, “If you leave out ‘for us’, the entire sermon is for nothing.” Every time we speak the gospel, we can and should add these two words—“for us.”’

How we got the Bible

This is a long one but worth sticking with. 

From the archive: How do we encourage our children to see the church as valuable?

‘We had an interesting, if perhaps emotionally loaded, discussion at our home group this evening… Things moved onto the question of how we encourage our children to keep coming to church. It was noted how hard it is to keep them interested when they get to certain ages. Some wistfully wondered about their own children. So, how do we encourage our children to love the church?’