Monthly afternoon service: faith & sin

Yesterday, we had our monthly afternoon service. We purposefully try to make it a different format to the morning service. Instead of systematically preaching through a book of the Bible, we take a theological topic, watch a relevant video and then break into small groups to discuss some questions. We come back together for a plenary feedback session and then we do the whole thing a second time to push our thinking a bit further.

This Sunday, we looked at the question of faith & sin. Here is what we did:


  1. What does the way OT believers were saved tell us:
    a) About God’s plan of salvation?
    b)About the storyline of the Bible?
  2. Given how OT believers are saved, what is the point of the OT law?
    §Rom 3:20; Gal 2:16; Eph 2:8f
    §Rom 5:18-21; Gal 3:15-22


  1. If all sin is, on some level, ‘willful’, how can we be sure that our sin won’t stop us being saved?
  2. How can I be sure of my salvation, given that I still sin?
  3. How can we hold together the two truths:
    a) Everyone who believes by faith will be saved
    b) Those who do not persevere will not be saved