Snippets from the interweb (19th January 2020)

A right royal mess

David Robertson pretty accurately sums up the situation regarding Harry & Meghan’s decision to semi-quit the royal family and explains why it in any way matters for us.

Let not food destroy the body

Are diets and food preferences getting in the way of our fellowship with God’s people? I think this is a bigger issue than many of us want to admit. 

Don’t let the angry ten percent control the direction of your church 

Thom Rainer is absolutely right. There is often a small and vocal minority that seeks to get everything their way. We shouldn’t let them control everything.

We’re in denial about a gospel issue

‘We need a better gospel vision that isn’t trend based. That is based on need, eternal concerns, not fashionable trends.’ Pretty much.

Tell ’em plain

‘We’re all so scared of dragging people out of their comfort zones by talking about sin, death, hell, and judgement that we just stick to the nice bits… We’re worried that if we confront people with the stark truth of reality as it is they might not stick with us. If we can just make the uncomfortable bits palatable enough, they might stick with the story.’

This nine-question quiz will ruin your day

Calvin famously said the human heart is a factory of idols. We all set them up and it is important to know what, other than the Lord, has a tendency to capture your heart. This quiz offers some helpful diagnostic questions.

From the archive: In a world of instant gratification, the Lord is not Amazon Prime

‘The Lord’s timing is not like ours. His priorities are not necessarily our priorities. To the eternal God, what is a thousand years here or there? What is more, he delays because he – unlike me – is patient. He is gracious toward his creatures and wants to give sufficient time for the fullness of the elect to come into the kingdom.’