Snippets from the interweb (15th December 2019)

One simple step to encouragement

This is so simple. Why not try it and see what happens?

Love Muslims. Proclaim Jesus is ‘Son of God’.

This is precisely what we did at our most recent Dialogue Evening with our Muslim friends. This is not a question for us to soft peddle or shirk.

Why did God allow polygamy in the Bible? (video)

Peter Gentry offers an answer.

10 reasons your sermon shouldn’t be too short or too long

I basically agree with these 10 points and think the end suggestion is about right.

A new way of seeing theological triage

If you’ve come across Al Mohler’s theological triage, you will know it is usually depicted in pyramid form. Here is a different way of understanding those same principles that perhaps clarifies them further.

Have you voted yet?

I know it’s too late to rectify this is you haven’t. But, in light of my post-election comment, this is an alternate view.

From the archive: The wrong side of history is a non-argument: Billy Graham is a case in point

‘The very nature of history is that it will be revised. We interpret events from our particular standpoint and presume that we, with Whiggish certainty, are the most advanced, and thus best placed, people to interpret events. Yet history keeps rolling and gives us no certainty whatsover that our historical arrogance won’t be overturned by future generations who believe they’ve got everything sewn up too.’