Snippets from the interweb (7th June 2019)

The English, the evangelicals and the elites

In light of yesterday’s podcast discussing this very issue, this article seemed timely. You can listen to the latest podcast here.

Two reasons a church shouldn’t have multiple gatherings

You might assume this one is only for those big churches that have enough people to warrant multiple gatherings. But it is also an issue small churches like ours have to consider as people wonder whether it is really tenable to have people of different languages and cultures all in one church. Might it be better for them – especially those who speak different languages – to have their own meetings? We, too, insist on one gathering. Here are two good reasons why you should too.

Three things to be careful about saying at the start of your service

It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but what we say at the start of our service of worship does communicate something. Let’s try to make sure it is something helpful.

When I grow up

Andrew Wilson offers a helpful answer to a question about the new creation. How will it be fully satisfying and enjoyable if there is no sex?

If only there was someone other than Izzy

I commented on the Felix Ngole judgement here. Stephen McAlpine offers his twopenn’orth in this one.

The most radical mission for Christians may be the most mundane

I co-sign this one. ‘There are many “ordinary” ways to be ambassadors of the extraordinary gospel, but none more important than building up the body of Christ by committing to a local church, however “boring” it may seem.’

From the archive: Don’t end up just banging dustbins

‘Even those who have no real Christianity to speak of expect church to be relatively ‘churchy’ when they come in. Far too many of us spend our time wringing our hands hoping to make church accessible and remove the barriers we presume will keep people away. My experience, as this conversation also affirmed, is that more people are put off by our innovations than anything we tend to think put them off.’