Identity politics (again)

I had a conversation about identity politics the other day on Facebook. I noted in this post that I didn’t intend to say anything about it. That is usually the comment that means I will start finding all sorts of things about it. No sooner than one states an intention to say no more, interviews and videos and the like suddenly begin to surface on the very thing.

To that end, whilst I am not saying anything about this, Giles Fraser’s most recent Confessions podcast carries an interview Andrew Doyle on this very thing. Giles is an excellent interviewer and his podcast is brilliant. Andrew Doyle is a comedian and the creator of Titania McGrath, a Twitter persona invented to poke fun at wokeness and identity politics.

So, if you get a few moments to listen to William Clouston’s interview here, a fantastic follow up is Andrew Doyle’s confessions with Giles Fraser in the podcast below. If you want to understand a critique of identity politics from the left (which is precisely where I am coming from), then this podcast is an excellent place to understand.