Easter snippets from the interweb (21st April 2019)

10 things you should know about the cross

Dr Patrick Schreiner offers a rundown of important things you should know about the cross.

What does “dying for our sins” mean?

Someone asked Dr William Lane Craig the question and this was his answer.

For whom did Christ die?

‘While many people readily accept that we are totally depraved, that God chose us unconditionally and eternally in Christ, that we believe in Christ only by the Spirit’s irresistible grace, and that the triune God preserves us to persevere to the end, they find it harder to swallow that Christ died for the elect only. I came to Christ by understanding that God counted our sin to His Son in order to count His incarnate Son’s righteousness to us (2 Cor. 5:21). As soon as someone pointed out that all people must be saved if Christ did these things for all people, I was sold on limited atonement.’

3 reasons I changed my mind about penal substitution

‘The vision of the atonement I’d grown up with seemed horribly distorted, simplistic, and not historically supported. It was time to move on. As I kept reading over the years, however, I sensed my theological revolution had been hasty.’

The Devil didn’t think he won on Good Friday

‘It’s that time of year when you hear preachers say, “The Devil thought he won on Friday, but he didn’t know about Sunday!” It preaches well. But I don’t think it’s true.’

23 Easter videos

Is exactly what it says

From the archive: ἈΛΗΘΩ͂Σ ἈΝΈΣΤΗ! (It can’t just be a matter of opinion)

‘Jesus either rose or he didn’t. The evidence either points to a real, bodily resurrection or it doesn’t. Jesus either objectively rose from the dead (so far as we can be certain about historical facts) or he objectively didn’t (such as we can be cert… well, you get the idea). If you are genuinely searching for objective truth, it most certainly is there to be found.’