Snippets from the interweb (14th April 2019)

You believe the prosperity gospel

‘What the prosperity gospel — sometimes called “name and claim it” or the “health-and-wealth gospel” — relies on is a pragmatic spirituality that correlates circumstantial blessings or curses with human strength, achievement, or even faith. Here are 4 ways ordinary evangelicals like you and me sometimes fall prey to a kind of prosperity gospel in our thinking.’

Thou shalt not debate the morality of homosexuality on Question Time

I addressed the closing down of debate on this issue last week. Here is a slightly different take on it.

Chinese government offer financial rewards for turning in Christians

This is another worrying development in the increasing crackdown on Christians in China.

How repentance leads to evangelism

‘Each time we take sin seriously and repent, we know that God will forgive us and this daily act of repentance will propel us towards evangelism. This will be a daily reminder about the incredible Gospel we believe and it will be much harder to hoard it to ourselves, because it will be fresh on our minds each and every day, really each moment of the day since we sin multiple times a day.’

Children from low-income families

This is an issue we come up against frequently. There is a simple solution but it requires the political will to put it into effect.

Defeat and victory in the church

‘The victorious Christian life and the victory of the church hanged on members of the church living out this new life in Christ. Pastors who enter the ministry, enter with a desire to do it right. They want to serve faithfully. However, conflict takes its toll. Identifying and training the right people for ministry is vital for the success of the church. But actively discipling the church in conflict management and gospel resolutions are also indispensable.’

From the archive: The church must be driven by a better decision-making process

‘All too often, we follow Mr Burke’s three-step decision-making programme. Step one, does this make me feel comfortable? Step two, do I understand all parts and consequences of what I am doing? Step three, does this allow me to subjectively feel good by ascribing my own meaning to whatever I’m doing?’