What if we just really looked?

Peter Hitchens linked to this video in his Mail Online blog (Warning: though the video has no graphic scenes in it, it is a harrowing watch):

I have long been of the view that abortion prevails in the modern mind less because people are convinced that it is a morally excellent good and more because the vast majority of people have no idea what is actually going on.

When my wife showed some of her friends pictures of the 12-week scan of one of our children, she met the same reaction a number of times. Several people commented how clearly – even on the 2D scan picture – you could see the head, arms, legs and all the rest of the baby. They said, openly, they just thought it would be ‘a clump of cells.’ It surprised them just how clearly it looked like a baby. And, as they say, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably isn’t a clump of meaningless cells.

Abortion advocates and providers are aware of this too. Most do not allow the women to see any part of their aborted children because they know, all too well, that a glimpse of what they remove would shatter the whole illusion. The language of termination and abortion, of foetus rather than baby (which is an odd one given that fetus, in Latin, means ‘offspring’ which, when typed into an English dictionary, first meaning is ‘child’), is all designed to point away from the facts of the matter. The whole industry is designed to help you look away.

The testimony of the doctor in the video is particularly powerful. He speaks of how he gave up undertaking any such medical practices after he ‘really looked.’ He simply hadn’t looked, just like the vast majority of people, despite being an abortion provider. He says:

After over 1200 abortions, first and second trimester up to 24 weeks, and all the rest of it – and being very dedicated to it – for the first time in my life I really looked. I really looked at that pile of body parts on the side of the table. And I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose, and I didn’t see all the money I just made, all I could see was somebody’s son or daughter.

I wonder what would happen if we all committed to just really look?