Extra snippets from the interweb (22nd December 2018)

I have found a really good number of articles this week. So, enjoy an Extra Snippets feature. More tomorrow.

When the soul feels its worth

‘The currency of our day is human worth, sometimes metaphorically in the consumerist mirages we treat like paradise and, sadly, sometimes literally in the depraved markets of pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking. Prostitution, they say, is the oldest profession in the world. I don’t think they just mean vocationally. Since that snake held out those sweet promises to that first woman, he was in a way saying, “This is what you’re worth.” And she sold her soul. And so did her man. Selling our souls short is the oldest profession. But there is something older. Two words about us that pre-date our spiritual prostituting of our selves for illusions of fulfillment.’

Does your giving say “leftovers” or “Lord”?

‘When it comes to our money, we all operate in two major categories: a “first and best” category and a “good enough” category. In some areas of your life, you devote money to making things right. Compromise is not an option. But in other areas of your life, you know that “good enough” really is good enough. You’ll sacrifice the second category for the first, but never the other way around.’

Theological primer: Hypostatic Union

I like Kevin DeYoung’s theological primer series. In the run up to Christmas, this one is worth reading.

Where is Jesus in the Old Testament?

‘I see this everywhere among Christians. We feel we ought to view the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, but we’re not quite sure why or how. It seems like such a crunch of gears. But is it? Perhaps we’d be helped by a simple framework for how Christ is at the heart of the Scriptures: he is patterned, promised, and present from Genesis onward.’

Does an eternal Hell call into question God’s love? (video)

This was a helpful answer.

How churches can help women study God’s Word

‘Many churches… lack a settled conviction about Scripture. But this low esteem for Scripture is equally contagious, and it will saturate the congregation with whatever else is held in high esteem. I’m particularly concerned with the lack of Scripture’s presence in many women’s ministries––for we will only equip our women to study God’s Word if studying God’s Word is the basis for everything we do as a church.’

From the archive: Christmas reading reviews

‘I always have some good reading time on my Christmas break. Over the week and a bit away, I read A Better Story by Glynn Harrison, The Unquenchable Flame by Mike Reeves and Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor by Don Carson. Below are my brief reviews.’