Snippets from the interweb (2nd December 2018)

5 reasons the ordinary means of grace are an extraordinary gift

‘In our good desire to see disciples made, I fear we get thrown by the term “ordinary.” The phrase “ordinary means of grace” does not imply God’s work is dull and unspectacular. There is nothing ordinary about God’s grace.’

10 lessons from the death of John Chau

Jordan Standridge offers 10 things we can learn from the death of John Chau.

Trends in Christian philanthropy in the UK

Jeremy Marshall reviews an interesting, and somewhat worrying, report on the state of philanthropic Christian giving in the UK.

How should a church handle accusations against an elder?

‘An elder’s office does not put him above correction. Yet the congregation must show such respect to those appointed to lead, so that only with much humility, verification, and care will they reprove an elder. Members and elders will faithfully serve one another with this kind of accountability.’

When the mission field comes to you

This has been our experience in Oldham. ‘What used to be a call to global missions is, in today’s new world, equally a call to local evangelism. Of course we can never be apathetic about the call to go to distant lands, but we must also understand our responsibility to reach nearby neighborhoods.’

The day Jesus said “I’ve got this”

If you don’t understand the concept of grace, read this. If you don’t believe Jesus Christ can forgive you, read this. If you have suffered the severe, destructive effect of sin – particularly of a partner walking out on you – read this.

From the archive: The reality of ministry

‘We frequently don’t know what we are doing. Fortunately, the Lord knows exactly what he is doing.’