Why Planned Parenthood should probably request a refund on their marketing.

The other day, I saw a strange and disturbing pro-abortion video. You can watch it below.

Obviously, there is nothing disturbing about the images. It’s just a cute baby smiling and gurgling at the camera. Nothing to which anybody could possibly object.

But it was the inclusion of the text that went along with the video that made the whole thing so disturbing. The text that comes up in between shots of the baby are these:

She deserves to be loved.

She deserves to be wanted.

She deserves to be a choice.


So, as far as I can see, here is the logic of that video. This baby is so special, her life so precious, she is indeed a person, and we believe in the moral good of killing her.

Now, leaving aside Calvinistic impulses about who deserves what (another discussion for another day), most pro-lifers would be fine with the first two statements. Every human life should, indeed, be loved and wanted. That this is a person who has come into the world, the Christian can say they are loved and wanted, even if not by the biological parents. But the final statement about choice is simply perverse.

At what point does our lack of love for somebody cease being a ground to insist they deserve to be a choice? What if I love and choose them then, later on, regret it? Do they no longer deserve to be a choice or do all of us only deserve to be a choice at one moment in time? What of those who made no such choice but later are pleased and love the child who came along?

I’ve never seen a more pro-life pro-choice video. There it is in glaring, overt honesty – here is a life, a human person and we are content to affirm the moral good that you may dispense with them because they aren’t wanted. It’s staggering when you think about it and, if I were Planned Parenthood, I’d be asking for my money back because I can’t see how that video does anything but undermine their cause.* And I can’t say I’m sorry about it.

*I have since learnt the video was not created by Planned Parenthood but by the group The Agenda Project who wanted to see support for Planned Parenthood continue. The points in the comment above still stand but it is right to note that Planned Parenthood did not commission the video nor did they produce it. It was created by those who would support them.