A book wot I rote

A book I wrote sometime back has just landed. It’s called, ‘Being a Christian’ and it looks like this:

Being a Christian: The Basics of Christian living

I wrote it because I was struggling to find anything to give to new believers that talked them through the practicalities of living as a Christian. There were plenty of books about key Christian doctrines, speaking about the essential beliefs of the Christian life. But I could find almost nothing that offered people a simple understanding of what they ought to do now they have come to know Christ. So, I wrote this.

Each chapter looks at a single step to take now you (or the person you have given it to) has become a believer. It covers topics such as getting baptised, joining a local church, praying, learning, serving, evangelism, giving and pressing on in the faith. The book could be read by an individual who has newly come to faith or could be studied together in 1-2-1 and group settings.

You can buy a copy here. You will probably be able to buy a copy from any disreputable establishment that chooses to stock it in due course.