An update on my health

A couple of months ago I posted about a reoccurence of my longstanding depression. You can read about that here, if you wish. Whilst I had a very serious 2-year-long bout around 10 years ago, notwithstanding the very occassional, minor and short episode (which probably cannot be properly considered ‘depression’), I have largely been trouble free. This latest bout was much more deep-set and longlasting than anything I had experienced since being on medication.

Thankfully, due to the long-term meds I am on, I was quite clear that there was only so bad it was ever likely to get and so long it was ever likely to last. There was a definite point at which it ‘bottomed out’ and it wasn’t getting any worse. The question from that point onward was, ‘how long is this going to last?’

I am pleased to say several weeks ago I began to notice lift in my mood. I am now at a point where I consider myself out of the woods and, to all intents and purposes, well again. I still periodically suffer the effects of depression, as I always have done, but it is back to minor, not long lasting symptoms that cannot properly be described as depression.

I want to thank those of you who prayed for me (presuming, of course, you were praying for me to get better). I am grateful to the elders at Oldham Bethel Church who endeavoured to find whatever ways they could to support and help me during that time. though I didn’t drop any of my normal duties, the one thing I was unable to do was prepare sermons. Fortunately, I prep my sermons around 3 months ahead of time and this gave me a buffer. The elders helpfully offered to cover January for me (much of which fell into my holiday) which took any pressure off to continue prepping.

But I am back firing on all cylinders and am grateful to those of you who had been praying for me.