A note on twitter

I’ve had access to a twitter account for a while but, up until now, had little cause to use it. I was thoroughly unconvinced of twitter’s merits and had little desire to share irrelevant thoughts of little to no value with increasing regularity. For those of you wondering how that would be any different to now, I suppose quantity is the key.

This blog is specifically geared towards theological, ecclesiastical and religio-political comment. Sometimes, there are stories on which I would like to comment but feel this blog is not the appropriate place to do so. Equally, there are occassions when either time does not permit or I simply do not have the will to commit to a full post. Twitter appears to be a handy solution.

Therefore, I have linked to a twitter feed so my thoughts of little to no value can be shared with increasing regularity on stories of little relevance to this blog… this is surely a good idea?!