Creation, evolution and the existence of God

 It has long been argued that the theory of evolution represents a stumbling block for the truth claims of the Bible. However, the supposed dichotomy between creation and evolution is an entirely false one. In the following video, William Lane Craig explains why:

It is often argued that those who believe in special creation seek to manipulate science to fit their predisposed religious views. However, as Dr. Craig highlights, the Christian is in a unique position to weigh up what evidence there is and draw conclusions from it knowing that God is not done away with in either explanation. In contrast, the Atheist cannot accept any conclusion, such as special creation, that fundamentally requires the existence of God and is thus wedded to evolutionary theory regardless of where the evidence may, or may not, point. As Alvin Plantinga comments, for the Atheist evolution ‘is the only game in town’. When this false dichotomy inevitably rears its head, we should ask to what beliefs are those who put forward the evidence committed and are they free to follow the evidence where it may lead?