Translation, new versions and wanting access to scripture everywhere

I understand why people question whether we need yet another Bible translation in English. And I really do get the underlying (and legitimate) complaint. We

The answer is more talking

I remember a long while ago now a discussion with an Iranian brother. It went something along these lines: Him: Why have you never come

What is it reasonable to expect a church to do?

Yesterday, I wrote about a question that I had been asked and never really thought so much about before. You can read about that question

Three issues we have faced in lockdown

Yesterday, I was part of an FIEC webinar looking at how Covid-19 and the lockdown has affected ministry in deprived communities. I will share the

Monthly Afternoon Service: Bible accuracy and translations

Once per month, we have an afternoon service. We purposefully try not to replicate what we do in our morning meeting. We usually watch a

The speaker is the master but words, nonetheless, mean specific things

Words have specific meanings. Granted, the meaning of words may change over time. But it is certainly true that at any given point in time,

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