The process of preparing a sermon

When I prepare most sermons, I try to block out around two days or c.16 hours to get them done. Often, I don’t use up

You’ve got to apply to the people in front of you

I have said, many times, that the heart of many a boring sermon lies in an inability to make what we are reading applicable to

Why you should recycle your sermons

I was preaching at a church recently and had been given the passage I was to speak on. Happily, I had preached on this book,

Should you take notes in the sermon or not?

As I have come off Facebook and Twitter, I have re-opened comments here on the blog for the time being. You are welcome to post

Understanding the wider purpose of the biblical writers

I was just yesterday preparing the second sermon in a series we will be starting in Matthew halfway through July this year. In the first

The essentials of a competent sermon

I was chatting with somebody recently about what makes a good sermon. I have had similar conversations over the years with different people. To some

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