Translation, new versions and wanting access to scripture everywhere

I understand why people question whether we need yet another Bible translation in English. And I really do get the underlying (and legitimate) complaint. We

If it’s not in the Bible, you really don’t have to do it

It’s Friday, you’re probably tired, so let me liberate you a little. There are plenty of things that Jesus asks you to do, many things

It’s alright to prefer some books of the Bible more than others

I am, at the moment, preparing some sermons in the Gospel of Matthew. I’ll be honest, it is probably my least favourite of the four

How to read the Bible

Lots of books have been written to help us understand scripture and read the Bible helpfully. Few, I think, are as straightforward as Matthew Harmon’s

The bounds of knowledge and what God wants us to know

As regular readers will know, I not so long ago came off twitter. You can search this blog, if you’re bothered, to find out why.

EN Article: Fox News & Knowingly Lying

Having been on hiatus, I have resumed a periodical column with Evangelicals Now. The current edition carries the most recent article. I reproduce it unedited

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