Being in the business of hanging out with our mates

I have written before about my view of mentoring. If you can’t be bothered to read that, my view is that I don’t think a

people having conflict while working

Preaching is the nice bit of the job

Some while ago, Ray Evans wrote some particular helpful articles for FIEC on having difficult conversations in the church. You can find the last one

Some jobs are never done

Some jobs just never seem done. We are in that stage of life that children’s mess seems to spread everywhere. Whilst I tend to the

Is there a crisis in our pulpits?

What do we mean by ‘pastorally gifted’?

When considering ministry, or looking at people for ministry, I’ve heard lots of people comment – words to the effect – ‘he’s pastorally gifted’ or

How can you help your depressed pastor?

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