What to do if you preach a bad sermon?

Every preacher will, at some point, offer up a sub-optimal sermon. It never feels good to do so. Few are aiming to do this. Some

We may need to re-learn the basics

I read a story in The Times that said Japanese people are beginning to take professional lessons in smiling as they are worried they have

Four things focusing on Sunday sermons in midweek groups achieves

One of our practices as a church is to revisit the teaching we have heard on Sunday in order to dig into it more midweek.

A bible reading plan for people who hate bible reading plans

Now is the time of year when everybody starts thinking about bible reading plans. Some people will tell you they don’t even reckon you’re proper

The fruit of giving out a few books

I have mentioned before that we have started doing free book giveaways before our morning sermon. We have a three-pronged approach to give people good

On being simple and straightforward

There is a theory that does the rounds that people in communities like mine need everything dumbed down. People hear us talking about keeping things

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