Remembering who you are matters; how we emphasise what we are matters more

I wrote the other day (or, rather, re-posted) an article about not being afraid to repeat ourselves. The reason for the need to repeat ourselves

You can obey

I wonder whether sometimes we give up on holiness before we even get started. We know that we are sinful. We know that this side

We tend to act in line with what we think we are

If you ever do the myers-briggs test, you can find out your personality. You are asked a whole series of questions which you answer on

Is the imprecatory section of Psalm 139 effectively a parenthesis?

Yesterday, I read this really helpful post by Rhys Laverty on praying the imprecatory Psalms. His main purpose is to suggest C.S. Lewis and Tim

EN article: Why I believe sound Evangelicals should quit the C of E

I have been asked to write a regular column for Evangelicals Now. The latest article (my original, unedited version) is below. Picture: Saam Visual. Increasingly,

What do we make of the living in love and faith project?

The Church of England have published the Living in Love and Faith project. You can find out about what it is here. It is likely

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