It’s mainly a matter of confidence

Occasionally, I am asked for advice on how to best serve Iranians, or asylum seekers more generally, or how to reach South Asian Muslims, or

We can always pray

Prayer can often feel like the last best thing we might do as Christians. We’ve exhausted all other avenues, we’ve done everything we can. I

Churches, chaplaincy & service provision

The problem of Britons First policy-making

Yesterday, The Times (paywall) reported that the government are drawing up plans to make Britons a priority on council housing lists. They report that ‘The

Is the church a refuge for white working class men?

John Benton has written an insightful and helpful article for the Pastor’s Academy about the need to look after men in the church. You can

Time, meetings and working out whether to meetup

Most pastors I meet are busy people. There are so many calls upon our time. There are the sermons to prep, Bible studies to write

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