The weekly elders’ meeting

I was talking with another pastor the other week and we got round to discussing eldership and how we operate respectively. On our eldership, we

Member responsibilities and elders appointed to lead

In the congregational church polity that I believe to biblical, we necessarily think the church as a whole has a say in certain matters. It

That is a diaconal matter

That would be a diaconal matter. So goes my sometime catchphrase these days. So often I am asked what the elders think, or what we’re

Partisan application of the rules

Danny Finkelstein has written this comment piece in The Times (paywall) with which I am in full agreement. Perhaps one of my friends who is

If we believe in parity there can be no first amongst equals

I’ve been doing a lot of reading around eldership and independency lately for a book I am writing. One of the things I have been

Lead in such a way that the wheels won’t come off if you’re not there

This past week, a result of our bad planning, we managed to achieve none of our elders were at our church. It doesn’t happen often.

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