Monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue: Causes of rejoicing

We held our monthly Muslim-Christian dialogue event last Sunday. I was told – fairly last minute – as the month of Mohammad’s birth was upon

When Paul Simon met John Stott (and what we can learn from it today)

I recently came across the following account of when the singer, Paul Simon, met the one-time leader of Anglican evangelicalism, John Stott. Here is what

Six principles for meaningful interfaith dialogue

As long-time readers will know, we have regular meetings with our Muslim neighbours to discuss our respective faiths and beliefs. We currently do this on

Five things on which Muslims and Christians agree

One of the easy things about working with Muslim people is there are various things we agree on. Whilst in many contexts there are things

Want to be more engaging? Ask more questions

On the first Sunday of each month, we have our all-age service. This usually means the kids stay in for the sermon and everything pays

Why long term faithfulness should be more exciting

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