Snippets from the interweb (15th October 2023)

Catholic to Evangelical: Apostasy or Adherence?

Richard Baxter (not that one) shares his story of how he converted out of Catholicism.

What does the Roman Catholic Church Believe About Justification?

On a similar note, RC Sproul looks at the different understandings of justification and faith held by Protestant Churches and Roman Catholics.

The last things sufferers need to hear

‘Let’s walk patiently with our brothers and sisters through seasons of lament, giving space for questions and the silence that comes before answers. Let’s remain attuned to their visceral responses to our affirmations of biblical truth. Let’s show love by calming our own anxious need for resolution, allowing the bereaved to walk at their own pace. May our presence and words point to the truth: “God is here, with you, even in these depths.”’

Should I stay or should I go: advice for members of church plants

Some good wisdom on this one concerning whether (or more accurately, when not to) join a church plant.

Israel’s 9/11: The need for moral clarity

Nick Howard speaks into the current situation between Israel and palestine and calls on us to have moral clarity on the issues.

Why churches should excommunicate longstanding non-attenders

I wrote about this very thing earlier this week. This one says something similar.

From the archive: if Anglicans really are functional independents

‘I have been interested to read some views on remaining in the Church of England from Evangelical voices recently. These are not standalone comments from single individuals but are categories and arguments that I have seen advanced from a number of different sources. In my opinion, there are significant questions for these positions. The view, which comes in a few different hues, we might call the ‘effective independent’ position… Interesting as that position is, here are a few questions that arise from it.’