Snippets from the interweb (3rd September 2023)

Is there any benefit to looking inward to find myself?

Brian Rosner says there are at least three benefits. Here he outlines them.

Medhurst Ministries Weekender

Al Gooderham offers a short review of the Medhurst Ministries Weekender. If you have never heard of Medhurst Ministries, perhaps read this and then check them out at

Why isn’t the church speaking out about abortion?

I think it is fair to say, this is most particularly about the UK church. Our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic are often much more vocal on this issue (and I suspect that plays its own part in the quieter, almost non-existent approach in the UK). But the question is good, challenging and Andrew Bunt offers some analysis of the reasons and what we might do about it.

Immature defences of ‘mature’ sexual content in movies

This is a helpful one. It doesn’t address the exact question of what is appropriate to watch or where lines ought to be drawn. Rather, it looks at five common arguments and notes – if you are going to make a case – these particular lines of reasoning are not credible.

The Matildas: It’s all about football, sex and transcendence

Stephen McAlpine takes a look at the hunt for transcendence that none of us seem able to shake. This time, he looks at it through the lens of the women’s world cup.

Jesus said more about Hell than anyone else in the Bible

John Piper addresses the seriousness of sin, the ultimate worthiness of God and the reality of Hell in this one.

From the archive: Three ways the prosperity gospel has infected our churches

‘So many of our churches – otherwise sound, godly, healthy churches – have been infected by the prosperity gospel. Obviously, we’re not handing out lifts across the world in our private jets. We’re not typically telling people that, if you just trust God enough, he’ll make you rich. But we definitely do believe some soft prosperity lies. Let me land on just three examples.’