Snippets from the interweb (27th August 2023)

On the crushing guilt of failing at quiet time

As I mentioned a week last Friday, if it’s not in the Bible and Jesus doesn’t demand it of us, we don’t have to do it. Quiet times are one such example and Kevin DeYoung – who is a big fan of them – is here to say so.

What is reformed theology?

If you don’t know, this is a fairly reasonable introduction.

The curse word isn’t the most shocking part of Philippians 3

I agree. We probably should translate that word more directly than we do, but it still isn’t the most shocking part of the passage.

The centre of Proverbs

What verse is at the centre of Proverbs and why is it so apt to be the centre? Mitch Chase offers an answer.

What do Mormons believe about grace?

I don’t know a great deal about Mormonism if truth be told. But I found this an interesting look at their understanding of grace. It seems similar to issues we face with Roman Catholics, who often used shared language but mean very different things to us when they employ the same words.


My friend, Jeremy Marshall, recently passed away. Bill James, of London Seminary, writes a tribute to him here.

From the archive: Three ways we will cause our elders to groan

‘it is of no advantage to you if you are somebody who causes your elders to groan whenever they see you or hear your name mentioned and we are to avoid being those who would cause such groaning in our leaders. The obvious question, then, is what are the kind of things that are likely to make our elders groan? If we know about these things, we will be able to avoid them so that our elders can watch out for us with joy.’