Snippets from the interweb (16th April 2023)

Preacher, what’s on your kids menu?

‘Here are three menu items I’ve included in my preaching that have, by God’s grace, engaged the kids and grown their love for God’s Word. (You already have these items in your preaching pantry. You just need to prepare them a bit differently.)’

If God desires all to be saved, why aren’t they?

I wrote about this question in relation to whether God willed my depression or not. Here, John Piper comes up with the same answer in relation to how God can desire all men be saved and yet not all men are saved.

Was Jesus forsaken by God? It depends

‘People often assume Jesus’ words have a plain or obvious meaning. Unfortunately, their meaning is anything but obvious.’ This one offers a credible explanation as to the meaning of these words.

A biblical theology of church discipline

This is masterful by Bobby Jamieson.

Scriptural quirks: The Colour of Sin

Though setup for Good Friday, this one does not rest on Good Friday at all. It is mainly about the colour of sin and why it is (or, is not) what it is.

The Animal Skins & The Covenant of Grace

This is one about the typological significance of the animal skins in Genesis 3. Are they a sign of the covenant or not?

From the archive: The Pharisees will always be with us

‘The Pharisees never really went away. They will, much like the poor, always be with us. Many confuse pharisaism and legalism. For sure, the Pharisees were legalists. They believed they were acceptable to God because of their adherence to the law i.e. works righteousness. But pharisaism and legalism are not the same thing.’