Snippets from the interweb (26th March 2023)


‘Twitriol is that special invective reserved for the platform in which we scorn, abuse, gaslight, objectify, refuse to engage critically with, and give people as little leeway as possible. And all in the name of something, something like truth-telling or truth-seeking, or putting the story straight. Or whatever.’

Why a Gen-Z Zombie Loves The Local Church

‘Sometimes I question why I invest in my local church despite my generation’s apathy. Why do I attend Sunday morning worship? Why do I return to a weekly small group? Why do I volunteer in the youth ministry even though some students may abandon the church in the future? Why do I keep showing up? I do all those things because I love my local church. Here are three reasons why.’

Do we have free will? (video)

Mike Reeves answers this one very helpfully (by way of Luther).

10 Key Bible Verses on Baptism

10 verses with the accompanying commentary notes from the ESV Study Bible.

Should we celebrate baptism and the Lord’s Supper at youth group?

On a similar note, this one speaks into the appropriate context for baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Gamer boys, twitter trolls and Karen Swallow Prior

This is a particularly sad, yet evidently observable one. It is also important for us to hear: ‘Knowledgeable, influential, and capable women in certain Christian circles are treated like a threat to insecure men. Like a rageful Call of Duty gamer ready to throw his controller across the room, many comparatively low-intelligence, less influential, and less capable men throw temper tantrums on Twitter because certain women are making them look bad. Meanwhile, many more mature and often more knowledgeable men may disagree with these capable women, but they do so as adults.’

From the archive: How we treat the church is how we treat Christ

‘Jesus words to Saul/Paul in Acts 9, and repeated again in Acts 22 and Acts 26, are evidently important because Luke records them three times. Paul is blinded by a bright light and he hears a voice. Jesus identifies himself and asks, ‘why are you persecuting me?’ Whatever else we may want to say about this, it carries at least one major implication. Saul was not arresting the person of Jesus, he was busy rounding up Jesus’ followers and bringing them back to Jerusalem for punishment. As far as Saul was concerned, Jesus was out of the picture altogether. As far as Jesus was concerned… attacking Jesus’ people is attacking Jesus.’