Snippets from the interweb (8th January 2023)

Why I left social media and won’t go back

Here is an article on why someone came off social media altogether. There is another linked inside to why someone is staying on. Worth checking out both.

5 myths about porn

Ray Ortlund speaks about 5 myths many people believe about porn and helpfully tackles them for us.

Hyper-headship in marriage

As with anything, even good theology can be twisted and abused. Such is evidently the case with complementarianism too. Here is how this often happens and why what passes as authority for some is actually unbiblical.

Pope Benedict XVI (1927–2022): His Life and Legacy

Leonardo Di Chirico looks at the death of Pope Benedict from an evangelical perspective.

Was the pope a Catholic?

On a similar note, Steve McAlpine speaks to something that ought to be obvious, but isn’t as obvious to some as it might seem. That is, Benedict was a Catholic and therefore upheld Roman Catholic doctrine, making his gospel something other than the one Protestants insist they see in the Bible.

Grant me one Muslim friend

This is excellent and simple. It is also top advice for anyone living in a community like ours.

From the archive: Justice & Mercy

‘A violent, Atheistic paramilitary man bent on vengeance was dramatically changed by a work of the Holy Spirit. Just as the Lord saved the Apostle Paul in the first century – a terrorist bent on destroying the fledgling Christian church – he saved Billy McCurrie, a 20th century terrorist bent on destroying those he viewed as his enemies. Just as Paul was saved from persecuting the church so that he could take the life-giving message of the gospel to build the church, so the Lord has saved Billy and led him into pastoral ministry to do the same.’