Snippets from the interweb (25th September 2022)

Prioritize evangelism

‘The “whosoevers” are not won by osmosis. Acts of kindness don’t save them; they’re not going to come to Christ just because we’re friendly neighbors. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God proclaimed. Open your mouth and speak to all people. They hear, they believe, and they call out to God.’

Scottish politician disciplined for speaking against abortion

David Robertson looks at an example of a Baptist Christian SNP MSP being disciplined by his party.

Against British Christian Republicanism

This one begins: ‘The day after Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s death, I wrote an essay on the role of the monarchy in British national life. With her funeral now past, some now feel it is time to advance the case once more for Britain becoming a republic, among them some of my fellow evangelical Christians.’ I was one of those who felt it worth making that case (which you can read here). In the interest of balance, this one is an opposing view.

Don’t let ‘discernment’ give doctrine a bad name

We all need to be discerning. We all need good doctrine. What passes for either is often neither.

Am I called to ministry? Five tests

I’m not a big fan of ‘calling’ language at all, if I’m honest (a different post for a different day, perhaps). But I do think the five tests of whether you should think about ministry or not outlined here are broadly helpful.

Sexual liberation of women has failed

I appreciated this review by Andrew Wilson of ‘The Case Against the Sexual Revolution’ by Louise Perry.

From the archive: What Jesus Said & What Jesus Did can’t be in opposition

‘Does this mean I have to go after every bloke who throws an accusation at me on Twitter? Obviously not. But it does mean I should go hard after those who would lead the little ones astray, particularly those within my congregation that the Lord has entrusted to me.’