Snippets from the interweb (14th August 2022)

What two gilded age Christian socialists would say to evangelicals today

As I keep telling my American friends, British Socialism was not birthed in Marx, but owes more to popular working class movements in England, the Presbyterian churches in Scotland and the Methodist halls of Wales. It has a long and illustrious history that predates anything associated with Marx or Lenin. Here are two gilded age socialists with whom some American brothers and sisters might even agree.

6 myths about video games

A hearty amen to this one. Nothing that is said of computer games today has not been said of TV and novels before them, usually accompanied by some unwarranted Christian handwringing.

Thoughts on becoming a pastor (again)

Jared Wilson: ‘There are a lot of weird churches out there, places with a lot of problems, a lot of hurt, a lot of baggage, a lot of sin. But, this side of heaven, that’s just normal, brothers. And because heaven is where her citizenship is held, the Bride is nevertheless perpetually beautiful. Your church might be a mess, but the Church is glorious. And if we’re for the Church, by God’s grace we’ll do what she says.’

1689 stands for unity

I liked this look at the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Postpartum bodies and unordered thoughts

‘Unordered thinking can creep in oh so quickly. If we’re not careful to take thoughts captive and discern if they have any truth to them, we will fall prey to the serpent’s lies. And it seems like women who are walking through the postpartum season are vulnerable targets for the enemy.’

4 things creation teaches us about God

I liked this reflection on the opening chapters of Genesis. It avoid landing on any of the contentious issues and instead focuses on what we might understand theologically from these chapters.

From the archive: 5 pointers for reaching our Muslim friends

‘What are some of the important things we ought to think about when trying to reach Muslim people with the gospel? Here are a few thoughts.’