Snippets from the interweb (24th July 2022)

8 tips for pastoring in a small town

I think this one is not so much about small towns, but English villages. There is necessarily a difference between being a church in the city and one in the sticks. This one points to some of those differences and offers some advice to churches pastoring in small places.

Climate change, responsibility and the sovereignty of God

Measured, reasonable, mercifully short and compelling thoughts from a ginger prone to sunburn, who is no expert on climate change, on how Christians might want to respond to climate change. As an equal non-expert who is also prone to burn, I think I concur.

How above reproach lay elders saved my ministry

Submitting ourselves to the collective view of our elders is so important.

Fitted sheets

“Can I tell you a story about fitted sheets? I promise it’s not as boring as it sounds.” Actually, the story itself isn’t very interesting – not one you would be desperate to tell your mates down the pub for the anecdotal value – but the lesson drawn from the story is very good.

What I’ve learnt from 25 years of marriage

I liked this one.

Are eternal rewards and inheritance the same?

I found this a really helpful answer from John Piper.

From the archive: A polity to avoid like the plague

‘If there is one thing to beware, it is a man who refuses to be under authority. If the authority of his church is irrelevant to him, chances are he will consider the Lord’s authority somewhat incidental too.’