Snippets from the interweb (10th July 2022)

Headship – What are husbands supposed to do?

‘Family is not a business, nor is a church, indeed, they are not really movements although we are part of a movement (and movements). Leaders set direction and then get others to follow them as they head towards a goal. I’m not sure how much need we have for that when Christ has already set the goal and the direction as well as leading the way. Certainly, Christ does not need us to mediate for him to our wives or our churches. However, as I argued back then and still hold to, you simply cannot ignore that the word kephale, translated into English as “head” cannot be evacuated of any sense of authority.’

Abraham was justified before Jesus’ incarnation. Is faith in Christ necessary for justification? (video)

Ligonier answers are usually worth watching. Here they look at how Old Testament believers were saved and whether faith in Jesus specifically is what is required for salvation.

Not inhuman yet

‘This is the photo that, ironically, proved that there was still a yuck factor among even the most ardent pro-choice advocates. That somehow, despite the one-way street of post-Christian Western ideologies, we haven’t jettisoned everything. Culturally we’re not completely inhuman. Not yet at least.’

The labourers are few

Guy Davies talks about small town ministry in the South West of England and, not to be outdone, makes sure everyone knows how edgy he is in a hat. But give this a read. Many forgotten places in the UK need the gospel. As I have been saying a lot lately, sometimes poverty and deprivation is hidden in otherwise well-heeled areas and few of our overwhelmingly middle class folks seem to be chomping at the bit to reach such people wherever they may be.

Why are we baptized in Jesus’ name?

Jim Packer answers this one. Spoiler alert: It’s about our allegiance to Jesus and our belonging to his people.

7 things that happen when church leaders don’t pray

It is so easy to neglect prayer. There is a lot of truth in this one.

From the archive: Prove your worth by leading as though you are not needed

‘Here’s the thing, you are not the saviour of your church; Jesus is. He got on just fine before you turned up and he’ll get on fine when you’ve gone. Your task as a church pastor is primarily to remain faithful to Christ and to keep pointing people to him. When you run your church to prove your worth, you are pointing people primarily to yourself. You are valuable, you make ministry happen, you will grow the church. That attitude will kill your church in the long run as it flounders the moment you are gone or laid low.’