Snippets from the interweb (19th June 2022)

Nine reasons people aren’t singing in worship

I thought this was a helpful list to look at and ask, do people in my church not sing because of these things?

Productivity without burnout: 8 lessons from John Gill

I love John Gill. This set of things about how he was productive without burnout make me like him even more.

In praise of single women

Eddie Arthur highlights how valuable single women are to world mission.

Do Baptists come from the Anabaptist movement?

I agree with Robert Godfrey on this one. The Anabaptist movement is something different to the Independent and Particular Baptists, whose root comes from elsewhere.

Pastoral Q&A: Are more prayers more effective?

This is a good question and a helpful answer.

What does being “above reproach” mean?

Elders are called to be above reproach. But what exactly does that mean? This short one offers a simple answer.

From the archive: If date night is the silver bullet for your marriage then you have bigger problems that if you have a date night

‘Don’t get me wrong. We love a bit of time on our own without the kids. We love to go out for meals and do stuff together when we can. All that is great. But it isn’t the defining saving-grace of our marriage. Nor is it the basis on which our marriage is or isn’t going to last.’