Snippets from the interweb (8th May 2022)

5 things your church must prioritise to thrive

These things aren’t rocket science, but they are important.

What the leaked Supreme Court Draft means for the fight over abortion

Joe Carter handles this one: ‘If the Court does overturn Roe, it will be one of the most significant acts of justice in modern history. But the ruling will bring only a change of direction, not an end, to the fight over abortion.’

Do not let homophones hamstring your hermeneutics

This one explains some theological terms that sound alike, but let’s be honest, it’s really just an excuse for a bit of wordplay. But worth a read nonetheless.

Accountability is not a sign of weakness

‘Electronic accountability measures are not a panacea. By themselves, they cannot foster true and lasting repentance and sanctification. They must be combined with a growing love for Jesus. But they are one helpful instrument that can be used to help those who struggle with pornography to walk in faithful repentance.’

Pastors share the top reasons they’ve considered quitting ministry in the past year

Worth reading to understand the pressures on your pastor, some of the things that may be causing them to look for ways out of ministry and perhaps stimulate how you may help and support them.

Gordon contra McGrath on Zwingli

This was an interesting look at two different takes on the life of Huldrych Zwingli.

From the archive: The cardinal sin of the pastor’s wife (apparently)

‘I suspect if this pastor’s wife were having this conversation one-to-one with a trusted friend, the reaction would have been different. I have experienced something similar in the midst of fraternals. There are ‘admissions’ that hit a sweet spot; what we might label ‘acceptable struggles’ that are lauded for their honesty and with which some folk sympathise. But there are other ‘admissions’ that, rather than generating support, lead to suspicion. A lot of what passes as acceptable or suspicious depends on the particular culture of the church, fraternal or group in which you’re sharing. But it happens far more than it ought.’